A letter from a friend

Watch first:


I love how she put that that we offer our table for these people to sit at, but they overlooked us. They didn’t understand the true value of us or what we have to offer. Do you understand the value of that? The time and place we are in now John?! Think about that.

What a great place to be in where there’s no process, there’s no proving yourself, there’s no suffering, but you’re only inviting those people into your life that display great energy and good vibes. We decide who we want to surround ourselves with. For the first time in a long time we are seeing the greater picture, focusing on a future.

We are creating those new pathways, and that’s what helps others come into our lives.

It’s been a long, freaking road of roller coasters. Remember that photo from a long time ago that I took of the DFW bridges, where they were all intersecting and trying to find where the roads lead to?! It was probably one of those mile marker photos for me.

It’s very true that people eventually do remove themselves, they start to remove themselves because they realize that you are no longer putting up with the things that you allowed them to take advantage of.

The roles are reversed and it’s OK to allow people at your table but eventually the time comes where you choose the type of people that you want at your table.

That message was powerful. I couldn’t just listen to it once or even three times. I actually listened to it 10 times; because I was allowing those words to penetrate and hit. It was very inspirational and very thought out.

A letter from a friend @dreamercol, circa 2022