Doing The Absolute Best I Can… Am I?

In response to:  Daily Post Prompt – Ten

I am not!  I know I can do better.  I know what I am capable of and right now ten is not where I am at.  Ten represents the highest level as in on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

” The only limitations we have are those in which we impose on ourselves.”

All of your friends and colleagues can tell you that you are amazing, that you really are special but unless you are performing at or above the standard you have set for yourself those words won’t mean much.  I want to strive each day to get to ten, that way when someone says something I can believe it just as much as they do.

How do I get to ten?

1.  Limit self-doubt

If others see something in me because I have demonstrated my skills, abilities, or a certain characteristic then I should let that affirm that that is one area that I have proven.  I can focus on other areas that I need to improve on.  When we are confident then we don’t guess or doubt ourselves going into a certain task.  Remember 2 + 2 = 4, when someone asks us that we are confident and within a tenth of a second the answer is out of your mouth.  So we are ten on that, let’s get there on other aspects of our lives as well.

2.  Be teachable

It is important in getting to ten that we realize just how much other people can help us get there.  The people that love us want to help us so lets take advantage of that.  Along with being able to be teachable we have to remember to teach.  The best way to learn something oneself is to teach that very thing.  Someone else needs to get to ten too.

3.  Lead

When you lead you stay busy because you are constantly aware that you have eyes on you.  Ten‘s don’t usually tend to follow 4’s and 5’s and if they do then they are probably trying to observe something that they wouldn’t want others to see in them.  You can take that opportunity though to find a way to lead that 4 or 5 to become a 10.  Realize though as a leader that you must be led as well.  My 100% is not the same as your 100%, so reach higher because while you may be a ten to a certain crowd you need to realize you are an eight to another crowd.  Let’s take this to another level.

4.  Love

Love in and of itself equals ten.  Love is a universal law.  When you love you are on your way to success.  When you realize what success is you will have opened yourself upto a whole new world. Success has nothing to do with money or position in life.  It has everything to do with service.  Love + Service = Success.

5.  Be Inspired

Find something that inspires you.  Museums, parks, a beautiful piece of music.  Inspiration drives creativity and we function at a higher level when something that has inspired us drives us to do, to be better.  We vibrate at a higher frequency and in those moments we lay the framework that will assure that we get to ten.  And stay there.

At different points in our lives we will look back and think that we were only at 8 when we thought at that time that we were at ten.  Nothing wrong with that just remember that with each moment that we need to be doing the absolute best that we can.  I know I can improve because I want to be at ten.  I am going to take my own advice in this deal too.


Original Article by J. E., circa 2017

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