On the other side of ‘it’

The majority of our fears live within and are never realized. Though sometimes we live as if they are our reality. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see the other side of any given endeavor before we actually started out?

Not going to happen…

So we find ourselves in the middle of a situation that has presented itself to us. We choose whether or not it is a worthy endeavor even though we can’t see the other side. We simply hope for the best. Favorite quote of mine by the father of John C. Maxwell, “When you made the choice to start, you made the choice to finish. It’s not two choices, it’s one.” … Seems so simple but we often quit when it gets tough or when things do not go our way. If someone else is involved it can lead to hurt and heartbreak.

We should try to take the advice from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and begin with the end in mind. That’s not to say we will see the other side because we will not be able to, though we can work toward the best ending possible. Make sense?

I have been the one to hurt others and I have been hurt myself. Mainly the hurts that I have felt were caused by the pain I caused others and their reactions to that pain. I can honestly say that I don’t feel like anyone has ever intentionally set out to hurt me and I can’t say my intentions were ever to hurt others. We just do that though, we have these moments and what happens in those moments can have a lasting effect.

Years go by and the ones that at one time were closest to you seem lost. You look back and say you could never dream of being where you are now. But you are. You are exactly where your choices have led you. That can be a great place or that can be a bad place or it could be that you were at a bad place and now you are doing everything possible to get things right and end up at that great place that you know you deserve to be at.

The other side of ‘it’ can be a beautiful place. We can’t let our past failures and current fears keep us from venturing out into the unknown.

“There is but one impossibility in my life. That is the possibility that I could not bounce back from any given failure.” – J. E.

Original Article by J. E., circa 2017

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