Doing The Absolute Best I Can… Am I?

In response to:  Daily Post Prompt – Ten

I am not!  I know I can do better.  I know what I am capable of and right now ten is not where I am at.  Ten represents the highest level as in on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

” The only limitations we have are those in which we impose on ourselves.”

All of your friends and colleagues can tell you that you are amazing, that you really are special but unless you are performing at or above the standard you have set for yourself those words won’t mean much.  I want to strive each day to get to ten, that way when someone says something I can believe it just as much as they do.

How do I get to ten?

1.  Limit self-doubt

If others see something in me because I have demonstrated my skills, abilities, or a certain characteristic then I should let that affirm that that is one area that I have proven.  I can focus on other areas that I need to improve on.  When we are confident then we don’t guess or doubt ourselves going into a certain task.  Remember 2 + 2 = 4, when someone asks us that we are confident and within a tenth of a second the answer is out of your mouth.  So we are ten on that, let’s get there on other aspects of our lives as well.

2.  Be teachable

It is important in getting to ten that we realize just how much other people can help us get there.  The people that love us want to help us so lets take advantage of that.  Along with being able to be teachable we have to remember to teach.  The best way to learn something oneself is to teach that very thing.  Someone else needs to get to ten too.

3.  Lead

When you lead you stay busy because you are constantly aware that you have eyes on you.  Ten‘s don’t usually tend to follow 4’s and 5’s and if they do then they are probably trying to observe something that they wouldn’t want others to see in them.  You can take that opportunity though to find a way to lead that 4 or 5 to become a 10.  Realize though as a leader that you must be led as well.  My 100% is not the same as your 100%, so reach higher because while you may be a ten to a certain crowd you need to realize you are an eight to another crowd.  Let’s take this to another level.

4.  Love

Love in and of itself equals ten.  Love is a universal law.  When you love you are on your way to success.  When you realize what success is you will have opened yourself upto a whole new world. Success has nothing to do with money or position in life.  It has everything to do with service.  Love + Service = Success.

5.  Be Inspired

Find something that inspires you.  Museums, parks, a beautiful piece of music.  Inspiration drives creativity and we function at a higher level when something that has inspired us drives us to do, to be better.  We vibrate at a higher frequency and in those moments we lay the framework that will assure that we get to ten.  And stay there.

At different points in our lives we will look back and think that we were only at 8 when we thought at that time that we were at ten.  Nothing wrong with that just remember that with each moment that we need to be doing the absolute best that we can.  I know I can improve because I want to be at ten.  I am going to take my own advice in this deal too.


Original Article by J. E., circa 2017

Dream The Dream … Keep It Alive. Steady Your Focus.

Dreams. Visions. They can be small but don’t ever think that even the smallest of dreams and visions do not count for something. I dreamed a dream and in it the truck I have been dreaming of since I was a teenager looked like this:


I am striving for the day that I can wake up and that dream has come true. That truck will look like this:


I know that it’s coming. Of course, I do not just dream about trucks but it is illustrative of all other dreams and aspirations that I want to come to pass in my life. I have the perfect opportunity to build my life and take it in any direction that I want, as do we all. It starts with that dream, that vision.

“A ‘thing’ may seem impossible only until the persistence of its realization proves it is not impossible. Then, when realized you continue to build upon and aggrandize [make greater] the ‘thing’ which at one time you deemed impossible.” – J. E.

We often wake up and vaguely remember the dreams that Infinite Intelligence has planted within. Remember this: When one is truly ready for a thing, it puts in its appearance. Let us put ourselves in position to realize these dreams, these visions.

Advice from a billionaire: Slow and steady wins the race.

Notice I said put ourselves in position. That simply means that we need to line ourselves up with the will of Almighty God. We can’t force our dreams to come true but one day when we wake up and realize that we are standing right in the middle of what was at one time a dream then we will know we were on the right path. Then we ask for guidance so that we can stay in line with that will so that our other dreams will come true.

I am starting from scratch. I had what most would say is a great life but the only imperfection in my life was me. When I wrote All I Have Asked, I Have Been Given I had a realization that the choices and decisions I have made in my past have gotten me right where I am. I am not defined by that past but I will let what I learned from it define my future.

“I wouldn’t get where I am going if I wasn’t here right now.” – J. E.

We have to live in this present moment and not in the future or the past so that we can keep our focus steady. Unfortunately, we as human beings aren’t really capable of living in all three of those places at once so the present is the perfect place for us to be.

D – Dreams

R – Realized

E – Everyday

A – Are

M – Monumental


In August of 2019 I realized that dream.

Original Article by J. E., circa 2017, updated circa 2020

#Make #America #Great #Again! The Prodigal Country

I think we are … I think that what scares a lot of people is that President Trump may appear to have little experience being a president.  Oh, the irony, no president ever did have experience going into that gig.  Political experience, maybe, but that is vastly different than actually getting to the point where you know you will get something accomplished when you are on the other side of the campaigning, when you are on the other side of the election in general and sitting in The Oval Office.

Most if not all politicians have made promises, broken promises.  They did not know what it would take to actually steer this ship.  Their intentions were good but they lacked the experience that now President Donald J. Trump has exhibited in so many other areas that it surprises me that anyone would doubt that those proven strategies he used in business and his life wouldn’t transition to running our country.

The result of a practice proves its validity, not how loudly it is promoted.

I can’t wait to see where we are 4, no 8 years from now.  I feel positive that his words about him being re-elected will come to pass.  Because the people that are now against him will indeed have a self realization that they are indeed better off.  With that said it’s not a 4 year job, it’s an 8 year career that will define President Trump and our country for eternity.

It is so strange how the sentiment going into this presidency is so contrary to where our feelings were in 2008, then 2012.  Personally I saw the change that former President Barack Obama promised.  One man should not be expected to change all that is not right in the world, unity is where that change takes place.  We are far from united. Can we get to that place?  Yes, we can.

It won’t be easy but let me tell you what separates President Trump from most any former president.  His recognition and boldness in proclaiming that with the strength of God, Christ will guide and direct him and his administration in the proper way.  It’s not that Obama didn’t feel the same but he sure wasn’t very public about it.  He was not wanting to offend anyone and that just won’t work anymore.  If we think we can do it on our own then God will let us do it on our own.  But when we ask Him to guide us, to hold our hand, He will do everything He can to allow us to realize His will for our lives.  It works on an individual basis just as it will work when it comes to lining the United States of America up with God’s will.  We just have to always remember that God was never lost in this deal. We were.  Maybe we are The Prodigal Country. Let us find our way back. We can do it together, we are The United States of America.

May God bless you. – J. E.


Original Article by J. E., circa 2017